Who Made My Clothes?

Who Made My Clothes?

Heybeautycollections is an ethical brand as we all know and the joy of this business is to help and give back to the society. Ojuolape, the owner of this brand hails from Nigeria. A developing country in West Africa with lots of great potentials.

In a bid to give back to the society, the production of clothes is done in Nigeria.
Young female tailors are employed and they create these clothes.
One might be wondering why young female tailors?

These people are really good in the sewing craft but they might not be able to establish themselves or get enough money.
We search for such people and we get them through the training needed for creating pieces for our brand.

This is to say that whenever you shop from Heybeautycollections, you’re supporting one of our employees because this puts food on their table.

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