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✨Step out in confidence with this uniquely designed Ankara oversized Kimono. Its a mix of asooke and African print. Asooke is an handwoven material made in the western part of Nigeria. Its oversized nature will give you a sophisticated and elegant look and it is sure to attract all eyes!!

✨✨Rock it high or low with skinny pants, leggings, denim pants, shorts, skirts, the imaginations are endless. You can even put on a belt to cinch your waist giving you that beautiful look.

✨✨This Kimono is ONE SIZE FIT ALL Kimono.

✨✨Can fit a US Size 0 to 24
Can fit a Size small to 3X.

Custom Order

This service is for a general consultation for 1 hour, we will discussing the general/overall ideas and design for your custom order. (Consultation Fees are charged at the the time of booking)